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The number of people with mental disorders in Kazakhstan is growing
31 August 2016
The number of people with mental disorders in Kazakhstan is growing

Every year the number of people with mental disorders in the country is growing for 150 thousand, said Gulnur Khakimzhanova,the president of the NGO "ASRIV," ​​ correspondent reports.

More than 200 thousand people with mental illness are registered in Kazakhstan; the number of persons with mental retardation reached 448.1 per 100 thousand population. 35 mental health centers for 10 thousand beds provide service to people with acute mental health problems.
"In addition, about 18 thousand people live in isolation at 53 medical and social boarding-closed institutions. Every year the number is growing by almost 150 thousand. Some recover, while others don't. These people are among us. They need to work and take something that did not have harmful effects. People with mental health problems in isolation from society, hiding in their own homes, can become addicted, and sometimes they feel worse, because they are not self-fulfilling. So people need to have a center where they would go for the realization of their abilities,"says Gulnar Khakimzhanova.
She also noted that the number of children with autism is growing every year. Such factors preceded by prematurity and intrauterine infection and unhealthy lifestyle of their mothers during pregnancy.

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