In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan plans to develop medical tourism
11 May 2017
A source: Kazinform
Azerbaijan to deliver drugs to Kazakhstan
17 January 2017
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Kazakhstan, Slovenia discuss partnership in healthcare
22 October 2016
A source: KazInform
Stroke centres to open in Kazakhstan
16 October 2016
A source: KazInform
Tetanus incidence in Kazakhstan decreased by 7.5 times
26 August 2016
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Mortality from cancer in Kazakhstan decreased by 33%
08 August 2016
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Olympic Day marked in Astana
29 May 2016
A source: KazInform
Drug prices may reduce in Kazakhstan
25 May 2016
A source: Kazakh-tv
New oncological outpatient hospital opened in Kostanay
30 March 2016
A source: Kazinform