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Alzheimer's disease isn't diagnosed in Kazakhstan - scientist
11 May 2016
Alzheimer's disease isn't diagnosed in Kazakhstan - scientist

In Kazakhstan, the statistics of Alzheimer's disease isn't conducted, the head of the laboratory of bioengineering, cellular technologies and cellular therapy of National Laboratory Astana of the Nazarbaev University Sholpan Askarova said in a lobby of the IV International scientific conference "Regenerative Medicine and Qualitative Longevity", correspondent reported.

"Together with physicians-neurologists we have begun pilot researches on diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. We call the disease differently, but in Kazakhstan the official diagnosis of this illness isn't made. Now we develop protocols on diagnostics and in parallel we will begin epidemiological researches. We want to understand a real picture as far as this illness is actual for Kazakhstan because in the world it is one of the most actual problems now. Statistically, 10% of people of 65 years have dementia (weak-mindedness – a comment) and 40% of people of 80 years also have this illness. Across Kazakhstan there is no such statistics. The problem is suppressed, and we try to lift it," Sh. Askarova has reported.
According to her, it consists in the only group in Kazakhstan which researches Alzheimer's disease.
"In this direction for medicine we can offer nothing yet, but we have shown some new aspects of development of this illness. We have already published the monograph, five-six works in good magazines. Now we give on a grant to the American Association of Alzheimer, and we hope that we will be able to win it," she has added.

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