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Mortality from cancer in Kazakhstan decreased by 33%
08 August 2016
Mortality from cancer in Kazakhstan decreased by 33%

Since independence, the death rate from cancer has decreased by 33% in Kazakhstan (from 137.4 per 100 thousand population in 1991 to 92 in 2015), said the Ministry of Health and Social Development, reports.

Modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, which has to date medicine, allow the patient to achieve a complete recovery, especially in the early stages of the disease. One of the most effective methods of early diagnosis and prevention of malignant tumors are primarily medical check-ups of the population.
Incrementally launched screening programs for early detection of cervical cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal, liver and prostate.
All these years, special attention was paid to training and retraining of medical personnel. Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology "(hereinafter - KazNIIOR) carried out seminars for general practitioners, primary care physicians and pediatricians on improving onkonastorozhennosti and early diagnosis of malignant tumors. Preparations are in residency in the specialties: "oncology", including children, "X-ray diagnostics", "radiation therapy".+

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