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East Kazakhstan region doctors learning to consulting patients on the Internet
28 October 2016
East Kazakhstan region doctors learning to consulting patients on the Internet

The East Kazakhstan regional hospital plans to hold a online consultation using the new service of interaction, correspondent reports.

Developers of the new to Kazakhstan service suggest to work on following scheme: To read blood pressure (blood sugar level in blood or other necessary indicator), to enter data in the electronic card, to get advice of the doctor through the Internet, having saved time and travel money for coupon to the doctor and expectation in a queue.

"Almost all users of internet are patients and doctors, but all of them go different way and do not face each other. This service allows adjusting their meeting on the Internet. That is, many chronic patients can resolve many issues with the attending physician on the Internet in several minutes, without spending plenty of time as it occurs usually," Russian doctor Boris Zingerman explains.

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Many doctors are busy. Therefore payment for provision of electronic consultations is accepted to interest them in activities in the Internet. Doctors will be held online consultations in off-duty time.

The new system is being implemented in regional hospital with focus on patients with problems of cardiovascular system.

"More than 30% of the East Kazakhstan population is up to 50-years-old. It means that such people have the risk of incidence and death rate from blood circulatory system diseases is higher. We think that this system will allow doctors to contact with patients and to achieve more adequate and effective work with them," deputy chief physician of East Kazakhstan region hospital, the blood circulatory system diseases coordinator of regional management of health care Boris Galich said.+

The service allows patients to choose independently the specialist, being guided by his certificates, diplomas, feedbacks of other people and to register to make it appointment. The person can fill his electronic map independently. Only the patient will have an access to it, and only he can solve to which of doctors and what part of this document to show. All services are free of charge. 

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