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Cabinet discusses mandatory health insurance problems
14 March 2017
Cabinet discusses mandatory health insurance problems

ASTANA. KAZINFORMThe Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev assigned the Cabinet to conduct an extensive awareness raising activities regarding the implementation of compulsory health and social insurance, Kazinform correspondent reports.     "We are now at the stage of launching the compulsory health and social insurance scheme. This issue is of great importance for every Kazakh citizen, and we need a clear work to be done here both by the Ministry of Healthcare and employers. At an extended meeting of the Government, the Head of the State clearly assigned us with a task to perform a large-scale awareness-raising activities regarding the introduction of the mandatory health and social insurance," the PM at a Government session. He also noted that some work is underway but both the Ministry of Healthcare and local executive authorities are not very active. The analysis shows that all the meetings, that are held now, have a small coverage of population, the Prime Minister noted. He stressed that little is done in social media platforms on the Internet and very few experts are involved. "Last year I saw a Youtube video uploaded just about a year ago. It is not a bad one, it's a cartoon. People appear to be unaware that a new reform of medical insurance will start soon, as the number of views is extremely low - 4,000 views in 10 months in total. Perhaps, only those who made elaborations and who feel some concern saw the video. And I see that most people do not know the idea of that work. Therefore, a lot of work needs to be done. Moreover, as part of this reform we involve the unemployed and self-employed people, and it is very important for them. If we fail in this issue, we will receive negative societal attitudes. Therefore, it is indispensable that the Ministry of Public Health together with the akims focus their efforts on awareness building," the Head of the Government summarized.

A source: KazInform